Looking into the future you will find that software’s becoming more complex and trading software’s are not exceptional to this new Era, MetaQuotes was aware of that and made one step ahead by developing an amazing new Trading Platform. Inspired by that MQ planet decided to follow MetaQuotes steps by staying up-to-date with their latest developments MetaTrader5.


New MT5 platform have number of advantages & features which did exceed MT4 platform such as the ability to trade forex and exchange in one platform, additionally MetaQuotes recently added hedging feature which was a turning point that’s will encourage companies to migrate from existing MT4 Platform and start adapting MT5 platform, but every change is accompany with challenges and one of the challenges that is number of solutions such as: CRM, Trader Area, back office systems, etc. are already integrated with MT4 platform and requires companies to integrate those solutions to MT5 platform and here comes our role as an IT company whom its aim to help integrate various systems into new MT5 Platform, or even to provide new Solutions.

Share with us your obstacles and limitations which prevent you from migration, and we shall provide you with the best solution there it is by taking you step by step through the process until fully migrate.  

Changing is inevitable.

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